AdventureTRAC and its Place in the Fight Against the Drug Epidemic in Our Area

The main purpose of starting AdventureTRAC was to provide services to those who suffered with addiction to drugs and alcohol. The TRAC actually stands for Teamwork, Recovery, Awareness, & Control. We are finally starting to make contacts with treatment centers, outpatient facilities, and community groups supporting those in recovery. It is our intention to work with local rehabs in adopting and implementing our program into their treatment plans. This kind of program is common around the country and even in other parts of this state. There is decades-worth of ample evidence showing that this kind of program, coupled with the standard clinical therapy is very effective. So, why isn’t this kind of program being offered in EVERY treatment center in this area? That is a question I continue to ask at every meeting I go to, every phone call I make, and email I send.
AdventureTRAC involves the use of challenges found in nature to provide growth experiences than can help people make fundamental changes in their lives. Therapeutic benefits of the program include establishing a deeper connection with the natural world, nurturing the ability to trust one’s community through the experience of teamwork, developing a healthier approach to the issue of control, taking responsibility for one’s actions and how those actions impact others, and increasing feelings of self-esteem. Our overall goal is to help ditch old ways and find strength and inner-peace through new life-habits.
With September being National Recovery Month, we are hosting a free event for those in recovery. From September 25th-29th , we are offering a daily bike and kayak trip, plus lunch to those in recovery. See flyer below for more information. Attendees can sign-up online here
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